Volume 3 TAPS Renewal EIS Newsletter June 2002

Table of Contents
1Renewing a Pipeline Right of Way
2Draft Copies Available July 5
3Joint Federal/State Public Hearing Dates, Locations
4ADNR Explains Public Process
5Preparing Your Comments

Preparing Your Comments

Public review often generates several hundred letters and comments to review. Here are some suggestions to help make your comments clear and effective.

  • Be brief. More of your comments can be recorded as you give them if there are not a lot of extra words between important statements. Reviewers are better able to respond to concerns that are well-organized and brief.

  • Be specific. Clearly state what you want. A specific statement forces a direct response and is therefore more likely to produce results.

  • Explain your comment. Support your opinions with facts or references.

  • Use your own words. Writing an original letter requires more thought and effort than mailing a copy of a standardized letter.

  • Be honest and realistic. Don't distort facts or repeat misstatements. Comments that are not legal or feasible may reduce the credibility of your comments.

  • Participate! Your concerns will only be known if you speak up at meetings or send written comments. Letters or oral testimony are often the best way to ensure that your comments are recorded accurately.

  • Meet the deadline. All comments received or postmarked by 5 p.m. (ADT) August 20, 2002 will be treated equally.

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