Volume 3 TAPS Renewal EIS Newsletter June 2002

Table of Contents
1Renewing a Pipeline Right of Way
2Draft Copies Available July 5
3Joint Federal/State Public Hearing Dates, Locations
4ADNR Explains Public Process
5Preparing Your Comments

Draft Copies Available July 5

The Draft EIS (DEIS) and the ADNR Commissioner's Statement of Reasons and Proposed Written Determination (Proposed Determination) will be available in electronic and print formats at various locations beginning July 5.

  • DEIS electronic copy: http://tapseis.anl.gov (will be available as downloadable and searchable PDF files or as a Compact Disc ordered via the web)

  • Online Proposed Determination: http://www.tapsrenewal.jpo.doi.gov (no longer available at this address)

Print versions of both documents are available for reading at:

  • Alaska Resources Library; 3150 C Street, Suite 100
  • Anchorage Municipal Libraries, Z.J. Loussac Library, 3600 Denali
  • Bureau of Land Management Public Room; 222 West 7th Avenue, #13
  • DNR Public Information Center; 550 W. 7th Ave., Suite 1260
Barrow: Tuzzy Consortium Library

Cordova: Public Library

  • Fairbanks North Star Borough Public Library; 1215 Cowles Street
  • Bureau of Land Management Public Room; 1150 University Avenue
  • DNR Public Information Center; 3700 Airport Way
Glennallen: BLM Glennallen Field Office

Juneau: Alaska State Library

Valdez Public Library

Washington, D.C.: Department of the Interior Library; 1849 C Street, NW

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Joint Federal/State Public Hearing Dates, Locations

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