Volume 2 TAPS Renewal EIS Newsletter November 2001

Table of Contents
1Americans Comment, Renewal Team Listens
2TAPS Renewal EIS Progresses
3Consultation with Alaska Native Tribes
4TAPS Renewal Informational Resources Available

TAPS renewal informational resources available

Want more information on TAPS renewal?

If you wish to learn more about TAPS and JPO's oversight of it, please visit the TAPS Renewal EIS Web Site at tapseis.anl.gov. For even more information - including JPO reports on its monitoring of TAPS - the Joint Pipeline Office has established TAPS Renewal EIS reference document repositories at libraries in Anchorage, Barrow, Cordova, Fairbanks, Glennallen, Juneau, Valdez, and the United States Department of the Interior Library in Washington, D.C. This information is also available for review at BLM public rooms in Fairbanks and Glennallen. The document repositories will remain available to the public, and documents will be added, throughout the entire renewal process.

Staying involved in the process

The Bureau of Land Management appreciates the participation and comments by the public during scoping and looks forward to additional public involvement at the next stage in the EIS process. The next public comment period will be in the summer of 2002 after the draft environmental impact statement is published. The TAPS Renewal EIS Web Site - tapseis.anl.gov - is the online public information and involvement center for the TAPS Renewal EIS. We welcome your ideas and feedback about the web site - just e-mail us at: tapswebmaster@anl.gov


Map of Alaska with pipeline route and pump station locations.

To be placed on the mailing list to receive the TAPS Renewal EIS Newsletter by traditional mail, contact us at:
TAPS Renewal EIS Newsletter
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For additional information, comments, or concerns call:
Rob McWhorter, Federal TAPS Renewal Coordinator,
Deborah Tennyson, State TAPS Renewal Coordinator,

Or write:
TAPS Renewal Team
Joint Pipeline Office
411 W. 4th Avenue; Suite 2
Anchorage, AK 99501

Elevated Pipeline

Elevated Pipeline

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