Volume 2 TAPS Renewal EIS Newsletter November 2001

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1Americans Comment, Renewal Team Listens
2TAPS Renewal EIS Progresses
3Consultation with Alaska Native Tribes
4TAPS Renewal Informational Resources Available

Consultation with Alaska Native Tribes

As part of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) renewal process, the Joint Pipeline Office (JPO) consulted with tribal governments and tribal leaders whose interests might be directly and substantially affected by renewing the TAPS right-of-way.

These government-to-government consultations were established under both State of Alaska and Federal orders. Although the consultations are separate from the scoping process and will continue throughout the TAPS environmental impact analysis process, comments received during the scoping period are included in the Summary of Public Scoping Comments, Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Right-of-Way Renewal Environmental Impact Statement.

In September and October 2001, the JPO Renewal Team and Argonne National Laboratory staff visited numerous Native communities and recorded comments and concerns about the TAPS. The comments were varied and far-reaching. The following reflect only a sampling of those comments:

  • "In the past, before the pipeline, there used to be thousands of caribou in the ..... area, and these animals were extremely important to village subsistence. Now there are very few, and villagers feel that the pipeline has caused this change in geographic distribution. If important subsistence animals - moose and caribou - are affected by TAPS renewal, will Natives be compensated?"
  • "There is a need for more youth employment - such as job shadowing - with Alyeska. Alyeska should come into the village to recruit young people."
  • "An oil spill in any of the local rivers would affect the entire river system."
  • "There were increased costs to local people during construction that never decreased; this has been particularly bad for people on fixed incomes."
  • "...the EIS scope should include the pipeline, the Valdez Terminal, and the shipping corridor through the Port of Valdez and Prince William Sound out to the 200 mile limit."

Pipeline     Pipeline

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Government-to-government consultations with Alaska Native Tribes will continue throughout the TAPS Renewal EIS process. Spud Williams is assigned as the Native Liaison for the renewal team. He can be contacted at 907/787-5557.

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