Volume 1 TAPS Renewal EIS Newsletter August 2001

Table of Contents
1TAPS Renewal EIS: Public Participation Invited
2The TAPS Renewal EIS Web Site
3TAPS Renewal Questions and Answers
4The Joint Pipeline Office (JPO): Responsibilities and Member Agencies
5Public Scoping Meeting Details
6How to Make Public Scoping Comments

The TAPS Renewal EIS Web Site

The TAPS Renewal EIS Web Site is your online public information and involvement center for the TAPS Renewal EIS. It's full of useful, up-to-date information about TAPS and the EIS, and it allows you to stay informed and involved - whenever you want, wherever you are.

The web site provides information and services to help you participate in the EIS process, including:

  • information about TAPS - what it does, and how it works,
  • TAPS maps, photos, and EIS - related documents that you can download,
  • a description of the TAPS Renewal EIS and the EIS process,
  • ways for you to get involved,
  • the public scoping meeting schedule,
  • information about Native Alaskan consultation,
  • frequently asked questions (FAQs) about TAPS and the EIS, and
  • TAPS news updates and announcements.

The TAPS Renewal EIS web site has been designed specifically to support the current EIS scoping process, in which public comment is sought to help define the scope and focus of the EIS. The site will evolve over time to support further public involvement activities as the EIS is completed. We welcome your ideas and feedback about the web site - just e-mail us at tapswebmaster@anl.gov.

Note to our readers:

This is the first edition of the TAPS Renewal EIS Newsletter. We welcome your suggestions about information you would like us to provide in the newsletter. To make newsletter suggestions, contact us at TAPS Newsletter, Argonne National Lab EAD 900, 9700 S. Cass Ave., Argonne IL 60439, or e-mail us at tapswebmaster@anl.gov.

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TAPS Renewal Questions and Answers

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