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How Your Draft EIS Comments Were Used

Your comments were considered in the preparation of the Final Environmental Impact Statement

All oral and written comments on the TAPS Right of Way Renewal Draft EIS received by the end of the public comment period were treated equally, and were analyzed and considered in the preparation of the Final Environmental Impact Statement. In addition, the Final Environmental Impact Statement contains written responses to the comments received on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

How Your Scoping Comments Were Used

The public scoping comment period, the first major public involvement opportunity, closed Oct. 19, 2001. Public scoping comments were taken into consideration to help determine the appropriate scope of the TAPS EIS. They also helped identify issues that are of particular concern to the public. This process allowed the EIS preparers to focus more time and resources on these issues of concern when the EIS is being prepared.

A summary of public scoping comments for the TAPS Renewal EIS is available under Documents. That summary describes the scoping process and summarizes scoping comments by technical discipline and issue.

For more information about public involvement opportunities for the TAPS Renewal EIS, see "Getting Involved."

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