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3 Scoping Process

Public scoping was conducted from July to October 2001, to gather input on the scope for this EIS. During that period, the BLM invited the public and interested groups to provide information, suggest issues to be examined, and express their concerns and opinions on all aspects of the proposal to renew the Federal Grant. Six public meetings were held at various locations throughout Alaska as a part of scoping.

More than 1,700 people participated in this process by providing comments, requesting information, attending public or Tribal government consultation meetings, or visiting the TAPS Renewal EIS Web Site. All comments, regardless of how they were submitted, received equal consideration. The results of the scoping process were documented in a report issued in November 2001.

For More Information

More descriptive information about TAPS is available in the Summary of Public Scoping Comments.

PDF Summary of Public Scoping Comments (627 KB, 8 pgs.)

See also the Getting Involved page of this web site (under Public Scoping Process).

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