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5 Scope of Analysis

The analysis of environmental impacts in this FEIS is generally divided into three broad categories: physical environment, biological resources, and social systems. The scope of the assessment varies depending on the category being analyzed and the extent of the impacts.

The analysis of impacts to the physical environment and biological resources addresses the widely varying environmental conditions associated with the full length of the pipeline corridor, including aspects of the marine environment. Impacts to social systems are generally assessed on a statewide level, although local impacts are identified and quantified as appropriate.

The analysis is limited to impacts associated with the continued operation or termination of the TAPS for the areas and resources that may be affected by one of the three alternatives. The FEIS also addresses potential cumulative impacts associated with past, present, and reasonably foreseeable future actions near the TAPS or within the areas affected by TAPS operations.

For More Information

More descriptive information about the scope of analysis is available in the FEIS Volume 3, Section 4.2, Impacting Factors.

PDF icon Sections 4.0 - 4.2 (828 KB, 74 pgs.)
PDF icon Section 4.3 (703 KB, 106 pgs.)
PDF icon Section 4.4 (967 KB, 146 pgs.)
PDF icon Sections 4.5 - 4.6 (781 KB, 108 pgs.)

See also the Alternatives and Impacts Addressed in the EIS page of this web site.

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