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11 Summary of Impacts - Time-Dependent Alternative: Renew Federal Grant for Less than 30 Years

The impacts under this alternative on the physical environment and biological resources would generally be the same as those under the proposed action, although impacts on some resources would be reduced in proportion to the length of the renewal period. With a shorter renewal period, investment in new North Slope production would likely be reduced, which would have an adverse impact on domestic oil production, national energy security, the balance of trade, and overall economic activity. A shorter renewal period would reduce the flow of funds into state and local governments, thereby reducing their ability to implement a wide range of programs that have long operating lives.

For More Information

More information about the impacts under the Time-Dependent Alternative is available in the DEIS Volume 2, Section 4.5, Less-Than-30-Year Renewal Alternative Analysis.

PDF icon Sections 4.5 - 4.6 (781 KB, 108 pgs.)

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