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12 Summary of Impacts - No-Action Alternative: Do Not Renew Federal Grant

The environmental impacts under the no action alternative would result from dismantling TAPS facilities, restoring affected areas to conditions similar to the ones that existed before TAPS construction, and the subsequent absence of the TAPS. A range of dismantlement and restoration steps could take place.

Environmental Impacts

The environmental impacts associated with dismantlement under this alternative would generally be the same as for any large construction project. Likely impacts would include releases of airborne particulates and elevated levels of noise. Any impacts to the physical environment and biological resources would be localized to the vicinity of the facilities being removed or restored. Once the TAPS was dismantled and the ROW was restored, impacts from the TAPS on the physical environment and biological resources would gradually or, more commonly, abruptly diminish.

Economic Impacts

The economic impacts on Alaska and the United States would be very significant should the Federal Grant not be renewed. North Slope oil production would cease because there would be no cost-effective means of getting this oil to market. As a result, the gross state product would experience a decline of almost 40%.

North Slope oil production currently contributes about 18% to America's oil production, and the loss of this source of oil would negatively affect the nation's energy security and the balance of trade.

For More Information

More information about the impacts under the No-Action Alternative is available in the FEIS Volume 3, Section 4.6, No-Action Alternative Analysis.

PDF icon Sections 4.5 - 4.6 (781 KB, 108 pgs.)


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