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Environmental Report for Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Right-of-Way

NOTE: The following document is NOT part of the TAPS Renewal EIS.

Volume 1

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Volume 1 Cover (80 KB)

Copyright Notice (8 KB)

Abstract (8 KB)

Executive Summary (88 KB)

How To Use (16 KB)

Contents (72 KB)

  1. Purpose of and Need for the Action (8 KB)
  2. Alternatives Including the Proposed Action (82 KB)
  3. Affected Environment (30 KB)
  4. Environmental Consequences of Proposed Action and Alternatives (41 KB)

Volume 2

Volume 2 Cover (56 KB)

  1. List of Preparers (28 KB)
  2. Index (14 KB)
  3. List of Acronyms (16 KB)
  4. Literature Sited (334 KB)

List of Appendices

Complete List (5 KB)

Appendix A: Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Throughput Analysis (35 KB)

Appendix B: Oil Spill Analysis for North Slope Oil Production and Operations (293 KB)

Appendix C: Trans-Alaska Pipeline System Right-of-way Map Atlas (temporarily unavailable)

Appendix D: Historical Overview of North Slope Petroleum Development and Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (520 KB)

Appendix E: Federal Agreement and Grant Right-of-way for the Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Pages E1-E7 (480 KB)
Pages E8-E13 (576 KB)
Pages E14-E18 (424 KB)
Pages E19-E24 (552 KB)
Pages E25-E29 (344 KB)
Pages E30-E37 (416 KB)
Pages E38-E44 (440 KB)
Pages E45-E49 (472 KB)
Pages E50-E55 (560 KB)
Pages E56-E61 (488 KB)
Pages E62-E67 (552 KB)
Pages E68-E71 (328 KB)

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